Your life is a story.  Be the hero.

The Living Room began with the simple premise that inside our hyper-linked world, real people were longing for deeper connection – both within themselves and with others. We want to live bigger, more meaningful lives.  We crave more intentional conversation in real time.  We want to feel more courageously creative.  And we want to be part of a global community of change agents.

In short, we want our lives to tell a better story.

TLR was built to nurture your journey and your story – wherever you are along the path.  Everything we create is designed to be dogma-free, honest, and encouraging; and we hope that every TLR experience will send people out into the world with lighter hearts, more compassionate minds and more courageous thinking.

Living Room Stories

TLR launched in November of 2012  with  “Beginnings and Endings”  – a  live storytelling event called attended by 100 people in an intimate historic armory in East Greenwich, RI.  Three more Living Room Stories followed, as well as the start of Room For Thought, small Salons around themed conversations; and a 2-day workshop with a national best-selling author on living more beautifully and intentionally.

We are inspired by a growing community of changemakers around the world who are producing similar experiences, helping people go deeper into their own journeys as they simultaneously build a sense of connectedness with others.

I look forward to seeing you in 2014, as we deepen our slate of conversations, and continue to create new experiences that bring you closer to yourself, in the company of other like-minded, curious individuals.

With love,

Deb Walsh, Founder and Chief Storyteller

Contact info:  hellothelivingroom [at] gmail [dot] com

Visit The Living Room on Facebook for news and inspiration,


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